Millennial mirrors podcast launched!

Mshari Alonaizy’s musings on culture and society in Kuwait and the region

The hottest new podcast in Kuwait has just been launched. If you know what podcasts are feel free to skip ahead. A podcast is an episodic audio show. Think radio program for the internet age. And they are our favorite companion while we commute, go for walks or do chores around the house.

And Millennial Mirrors is perfect for all of the above. Mshari Alonaizy’s brainchild is highlighting the dichotomy between the cultural norms of the region and the personal needs and aspirations of the younger generation. His words not ours. But if we would sum the show so far, we would just say it is a commentary on culture from a millennial perspective.

Mshari is not judging. Instead, he asks a question each week and delves deeper with a guest. By exploring these issues and questioning our norms and values he hopes to create discourse around these topics.

The conversations are friendly. It is like being invited to a diwaniya and getting to join in. We really respect and appreciate Mshari’s non-judgmental attitude when it comes to topics he doesn’t agree with and his openness to explore ideas.

It is a great way for locals to rethink their own biases and opinions. And for expats or outsiders to get to understand why we do what we do. It might not always be easy to gain access to other people’s perspectives but podcasts are a wonderful doorway to that.

Two episodes have already been released. In the first one Mshari and his friend Ghanim Al-Ghanim discuss feelings of guilt and obligations towards parents. A contentious topic within Arabs, where familial ties and obligations are strong and can be stifling. And as Mshari put it “we owe them a lot, but what we owe them is a matter of opinion”. In the second episode he invites Sarah Al-Madani and together they discuss “3aib” or shame and being shamed in society.

Both episodes were deep, reflective, interesting and unafraid to touch on topics that normally people might not normally talk about. It is like we made new friends through the audio-waves. We found ourselves nodding in agreement so many times or wanting to butt in and share out 20 fils too!

A new episode comes out every Sunday. For more information follow Mshari Alonaizy on Twitter or Instagram @MshariAlonaizy. You can find the podcast ApplePodcasts, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

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