Finyal Media releases ‘The 40 Thieves’ podcast exclusively on Deezer

DUBAI: Regional podcast network Finyal Media has launched a new drama series, “The 40 Thieves.”

The original production is a sequel to the famous “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,” featuring a new story and characters.

The 15-episode series is available exclusively on Deezer throughout the month of Ramadan after which it will be rolled out on other podcast platforms. New episodes are released every other day in the lead-up to Eid.

The contemporary take on the folk tale features a new female protagonist, Shaden, in a conscious effort to add a modern twist to traditional stories in the Arab world by highlighting strong and independent women.

The show is the latest in Finyal Media’s series of modern adaptations of classic Arabic stories with previous series including “1001 Nights,” “Juha,” and “Sindbad.”

“The 40 Thieves” is the first serialized show where the story stretches across multiple episodes unlike previous productions that featured standalone episodes.

Mshari Alonaizy, co-founder and chief creative officer of Finyal Media, said: “Telling stories with a modern take on classic tales that our listeners know and love is something we love to do.

“Bringing these characters and folklores into the 21st century gives them a new lease of life while still keeping them authentic and true to the originals.”

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