Deezer launches original podcast series ‘Sleep Tight’

The new podcast series will provide listeners a journey into a world full of fairy tales for a good night’s sleep

Deezer has announced the launch of its new Original podcast نوماً هنيئاً (Sleep Tight) available exclusively on the Deezer platform, the first of its kind in the Arab world to help listeners fall asleep.

The podcast, produced by Finyal Media, features a collection of fairy tales, helping listeners unwind and prepare for a good night’s sleep. In each episode, the narrator smoothly takes the listener on a journey that oscillates between the worlds of fiction and reality, while describing the surroundings and recounting the details of a tale, engaging the listener enough to be listening in yet not drawn enough to stay awake.

Speaking on the launch, Mark Abou Jaoude, Head of Content, Artist marketing and Label Relations for Deezer in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey said: “One of the compelling reasons for launching the podcast نوماً هنيئاً (Sleep Tight) is that many people have suffered from insomnia since the outbreak of the novel Covid-19 virus. This has been escalated by the long-term lockdowns in most countries, which directly affected the quality of sleep due to stress and anxiety. This occurrence was widely expressed by the hashtag #cantsleep, which gained popularity on the internet throughout the pandemic.

“Each episode will take you on an imaginative journey to every corner of the Arab world. To relate and cater to users from all over the region, the episodes will be offered in different dialects from Egypt to the Levant and the Gulf.”

Leila Hamadeh, Co-Founder and CEO of Finyal Media, added: “We are proud of our partnership with Deezer, and to be the pioneers in producing this type of podcast in the Middle East. Through this launch, our endeavours are to alleviate insomnia witnessed by a large number of listeners due to the lifestyle we live, in an innovative approach that contributes in taking the Arabic podcast industry to the next level. We look forward to providing more distinctive audio experiences for Arab youth across the region.”

The international Deezer platform produces a variety of podcasts, including social, entertainment, cultural, and ‘The Crime’ (Al Jareema) podcast, which discusses the stories of the hidden motives of famous criminals.

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