Here we go!

So, you’ve reached here. You wondered what the “diary of an intern” was and you got here. I congratulate you on the curiosity. Hi! My name’s Dilara – and I’m generally known as “The Intern” even when I’m not necessarily one, I guess nicknames stick? (not that I mind it, at all)

Every time a new episode shows up, you’re going to be hearing from me – or whichever new intern joins our team – and you’ll get the scoop (or the behind the scenes) and what we think so far. As interns, of course.

Putting together the first episode of Yalla wasn’t just about the episode, it was about getting together the whole image of the podcast, and it’s a hectic process. Being familiar with what it takes to get a podcast out, I’ve never seen an episode (and the branding of a podcast) being delivered so smoothly. Usually, you release an episode, you gauge how people take it in, you figure your mistakes, then you fix the second episode based on the first – but this first episode? It was just perfect. Sure, it took a couple of sessions at the studio to finesse it, but it was a hit from the get-go (or so we feel), and even though it took so much effort from everyone; once everything was done, it honestly felt like a breeze.

The whole thing is exciting and overwhelming, both Yalla as a podcast, and Finyaal Media as a podcast company – and I truly feel like it’s going to be a great journey just because you guys get to see what goes into it. I really have so much more to say and so much more to write, but I think four paragraphs for starters is more than enough. Catch you guys in the next post! Bye!