Millennial Mirrors

Millennial Mirrors discusses the conflicts between the cultural norms of the region and the personal needs and aspirations of the younger generation. It acknowledges the link between contentment and success, and aims to delve into how to navigate that journey within the cultural norms and value systems that we live in. The aim is not to say any specific path is right or wrong; but to ensure whatever path is followed, is done so with awareness and for the right reasons.


E09 – Mental health matters (ft. Dr. Naif Al Mutawa)
July 22, 2018
E08 – Doing it for the likes (ft. Fatma Husam)
July 14, 2018
E07 – The struggle is real (ft. Talal AlRashed)
July 07, 2018
E06 – My second Lambo will be orange (ft. Lina Al Qaddoumi)
June 30, 2018
E05 – This isn’t how they do it at Google (ft. Omar Al Busaidy)
June 23, 2018
E04 – I just want to change the world (ft. Omar Al Shunnar)
June 09, 2018
E03 – Because I said so (ft. Zahed Sultan)
June 02, 2018
E02 – That’s just the way it is (ft. Mohammed Nusaibah & Nezar Al Saleh)
May 26, 2018