Cities have lived long before us… an existence seemingly eternal. And they carry within them many tales left untold… or long since forgotten.  In the new historical narrative podcast “Ismi”, the oldest, and most revered Arab cities tell us their stories themselves; from the major to the small, we’ll hear their unique perspectives on the events that unfolded within their ever-present land. This is the story of Mecca. 


اسمي مكة – مكة الحداثة والتاريخ
August 30, 2020
اسمي مكة – الملك النجدي
August 23, 2020
اسمي مكة – مملكة الحجاز
August 16, 2020
اسمي مكة – مكة والشريف حسين
August 09, 2020
اسمي مكة – بركات وسرور ونوري باشا
August 02, 2020
اسمي مكة – زيارة ابن بطوطة
July 26, 2020
اسمي مكة – فاجعة سرقة الحجر
July 19, 2020
اسمي مكة – النار قرب الكعبة
July 05, 2020